Our Mission

VONOS Creates Products That Are Pet Friendly, Kid Friendly, Earth Friendly, And Highly Effective, With The End User’s Health And Safety As Our Top Priority. Vonos Creates Disinfectants Differently.

About Our Company

VONOS is so much more than a brand. It’s a company dedicated to the development and formulation of solutions dedicated to creating a cleaner, healthier, and safer indoor environment, and doing so with chemical solutions that are people friendly, pet friendly, and earth friendly. VONOS formulations ALWAYS make efficacy and the health of the technician applying the solution, and the occupants of the residential or commercial environment its number one focus and main priority.

For our flagship product, VONOS Disinfectant, an expert-level knowledge of raw material and chemistry was a mandatory factor for us to achieve a disinfectant safe for use without requiring personal protective equipment (PPE) while simultaneously overcoming high-risk obstacles such as the need to disinfect, control mold and mildew, and control odor. Our unique blend of chlorine dioxide and detergents gives us (and you) a safe and effective solution for all surfaces and for all sectors to use.

Our company will remain focused on developing cutting edge disinfection and sanitizing chemical solutions that are first and foremost approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. These solutions will focus on hospital level disinfection of hard surfaces, HVAC and air ducts, sanitizing carpet and soft surfaces, killing mold and mildew and preventing its return, eliminating or greatly reducing obnoxious and potentially unhealthy odors, eliminating or reducing exposure to allergens, and food contact sanitizers.

We invite you to change the way you apply disinfecting solutions at your facility or company as VONOS solutions are applied as our products are non-corrosive, and in standard application do not require the use of any personal protective equipment. As always follow all label instructions carefully, and review the Safety data sheet of each product as it applies to your specific job-application.

VONOS is dedicated to the industries that help us to maintain a cleaner, healthier and safer environment, as well as companies who provide restoration services to homes and buildings that have been adversely affected by water, mold, pets, and allergens.