Do you know how safe your disinfectant is?

Vonos kills 99.999% of viruses - safely

Committed to your health, Vonos has developed a disinfectant that is not only safe for use around humans and animals, but also safe for the earth. EPA certified at the lowest toxicity level (category IV), Vonos is non-irritating and doesn’t require any personal protective equipment (PPE).

Formulated to get the job done

Delivering unmatched cleaning and disinfecting technology across all sectors, Vonos is easy to use and effective on all surfaces in just one spray, wipe, or fog. Pathogens don’t stand a chance against the chemistry of Vonos, because we believe and prove that not all disinfectants are created equally.


Sustained chemistry to stop the spread of pathogens.

Vonos Technologies is committed to the ideals of One Health®  an initiative dedicated to promoting sustainable disinfectants that improve the health of people and animals all the while reducing their environmental impact. This is why One Health® is at the core of all our initiatives. It’s the belief that people, animals and the planet are all connected and must be considered collectively in everything we do. Our disinfecting products and solutions are the embodiment of our One Health® approach and legacy to future generations.

We cater to everyone

Vonos and People Vonos formulations have a safety profile that in combination with disinfecting efficacy, protects people from pathogens without exposing them to harsh chemicals. Our focus on human and environmental sustainability is a legacy Vonos will pass on to future generations… What makes Vonos formulations so different? Have the EPA's lowest toxicity rating available Do not require any hazardous symbols or pictograms (GHS) Are non-irritating to eyes and skin and do not require personal protection equipment (PPE) Are odourless and emit no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) They are biodegradable: the active ingredient breaks down into oxygen and water.


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Vonos and the planet

Many harsh chemicals come with negative effects on the planet — some, we don’t even readily see. Corrosive disinfectants with compatibility issues can greatly reduce the life of a device, surface or instrument. Not only do these items then need to be replaced at great expense but they also need to be disposed of — most likely in landfill. Additionally, pouring harsh disinfectants down the sink can not only weaken drainage pipes but can also react with other chemicals creating even more dangerous substances that can make their way into the environment. For these reasons, many regulatory bodies require special handling of disinfectant waste. Vonos formulations on the other hand, have excellent material compatibility, are formulated with inert ingredients and require no special disposal. That’s not only good for business, it’s also good for the planet.


Visibility that even viruses can see coming.

Our commitment to innovation allows us to make a real difference in the health and sustainability of our future.

Opinions can get in the way of health. With our EPA registered claims, Vonos is proven for disinfection.

Brilliant disinfecting for a sustained future.

Built on fundamental life events to prevent compromised situations of our future.

Brilliant Disinfectant

Why choose Vonos?


Vonos is the first chemical manufacturer in Canada capable of not just developing EcoLogo and Green Seal Certified products, but producing them in a LEED-certified facility as awarded by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Our over 68,500 square foot headquarters is internationally recognized for its impact on the planet which includes: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality and resource stewardship.


Vonos has long prided itself on developing and manufacturing cleaners and disinfectants that provide a safer and greener alternative to people, animal and the planet — It’s all connected. Validation of this comes with official recognition and endorsement for sustainability, as well as several green product certifications.


Our solutions are formulated with an active component that is 100% biodegradable breaking down into oxygen and water.


In the veterinary and animal shelter world, Virox formulations are becoming the technology of choice owing to their powerful but gentle disinfecting qualities. Legacy cleaners and disinfectants contribute to the stress of an animal’s visit to the vet given their heightened sensitivity to harsh chemicals. Veterinary technicians tasked with reprocessing examination rooms, cages and equipment are equally reluctant to the potentially toxic exposure. Now, with Virox they can have the best of both worlds: efficacy against germs combined with gentleness on users and animals.

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